Question Meets Answer


1.) Which of you writes and which of you draws this comic?
Silver writes the story for the comic. Lumina does the art for this comic. And we would love to direct you to our authors page that we made for the purpose of answering this question. ^_^

2.) How often do you post?
Like most normal people, we can't promise any set schedule, but we try to make the deadline of 1 page a week unless something comes up and we have to go on a week or two haitus. But you guys can wait that long, can't you? ^_^


1.) What do you use to draw this comic?
I use regular mechnical pencils to sketch out the comic manuscript, then use Sakura Micron inking pens to ink the sketch, and Adobe Photoshop CS2 + a whole lot of time to digitally tone the comic.

2.) How long have you been drawing?
I've always enjoyed doing things with my hands. I can't tell you a specific date I started because we all start our scribbles when we're all like what...2 years old? However if you are referring to doing manga and comics, then about 7 years (and counting).

3.) How long does it take you to finish a page?
A very long time. LOL If you're looking for a specific estimate, I'd say around 2 hours (if I am not putting half-effort into it >___>;;).

4.) Did you receive training for art?
That's easy to answer because the answer is: NO. Note that I'm still a minor and thus am not at all doing this for any studying/job/epic-life-fulfillment. I've always been drawing, from the margins of my homework to full drawings for pure fun. I did take art class, but all I did there was draw bowls of fruit...


1.) How do you prepare the script?
I had a general idea first. Then I wrote the entire story out first in a detailed outline. I draw out panel-by-panel sketch of the story called a "name" for Lumina and she takes that to draw out the full comic.
2.) Who does the website page script and coding?
That would be me. LOL

♥ More to come soon as you guys come up with questions ♥